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The RAM Group is part of the  EIEIO
(Evidence-based International Early Intervention Office) at The University of Alabama

The RAM Group

Early Intervention Consultants

Implementing the Routines-Based Model

The RAM* Group is an international collection of experts in the Routines-Based Model who are available to provide training, technical assistance, and consultation. They include a postdoctoral fellow, international interns, state and international professional-development leaders and administrators, current and former international interns and students, faculty members, and program coaches. They represent the U.S., Portugal, Spain, and Costa Rica. Robin McWilliam formed the RAM Group primarily to meet the burgeoning demand for training in Europe, but the Group is available to assist him in the U.S. as well as overseas.


*RAM stands for Routines-based Approach by McWilliam... and Robert Alexander McWilliam! And is the mascot of UNC-CH.

Read Robin McWilliam's blog, Early Intervention in Natural Environments.

McWilliam Consulting Newsletter
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