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Protocol for the RBI ($20)

Step-by-step guide through the whole interview, including scripted questions. 14 pages

SAFER ($20)

Scale for Assessment of Family Enjoyment within Routines (Scott & McWilliam, 2000, 2003). The general questions included in this instrument are intended to guide professionals through the assessment process. 7 pages

SATIRE ($20)

Scale for the Asssessment of Teachers' Impressions of Routines and Engagement (Clingenpeel & McWilliam, 2003). Good questions to ask about the child's functioning in group care/classroom routines. 8 pages

Routines-Based Interview



A semi-structured interview about the family's day-to-day life, focusing on the child's engagement, independence, and social relationships. Its purposes are to create a strong relationship with the family, to obtain a rich and thick description of child and family functioning, and to result in a family-chosen list of functional and family outcomes/goals.

Selected References
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  • Boavida. T., Aguiar, C., & McWilliam, R. A. (2013). A training program to improve IFSP/IEP goals and objectives through the Routines-Based Interview. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, published online 7/25/2013. DOI: 10.1177/0271121413494416

  • Boavida, T., Akers, K., McWilliam, R. A., & Jung, L. A. (in press). Rasch analysis of the Routines- Based Interview Implementation Checklist. Infants & Young Children.

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Annual Routines-Based Interview Certification Institute with Dr. Robin McWilliam. Write to for application information.

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