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Family-Centered Behavior Management/Parenting/ Teachers


Managing family or classroom life can be stressful when parents or teachers are at a loss for methods to support children who have challenging behaviors. The definition of “challenging” can vary from person to person and context to context. The Institute has expertise in four areas related to these problems:


  • Home behavior supports (meetings in office or home)

  • Effective parenting

  • Classroom strategies for positive behavior supports (meetings in office or classroom)

  • Four-Stage Program for Severe Food Refusal


The specific models of service delivery the RAM Group can help others replicate to implement this content area are


(a) family consultation in the home, using collaborative consultation to develop and implement a parent-delivered behavior plan;

(b) collaborative consultation to preschool or child care teachers to develop and implement a teacher-delivered behavior plan;

(c) group meetings or workshops for parents; and

(d) clinic or office sessions.


Models (a), (b), and (d) include support via e-mail. The implementation work involves RAM Group experts helping other professionals use these methods to address one or more of the four content areas listed above.


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