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Over 60 publications about studies using single-subject experimental designs, group comparison, correlational/regression, qualitative, or mixed methods


IThe RAM Group sprang from research, beginning with McWilliam’s studies on engagement and classroom practices (with Carl Dunst) in the 1980s, through studies on age grouping and service delivery models (with Don Bailey) and on family-centered practices (with Gloria Harbin) in the 1990s, on the Routines-Based Interview and the Engagement Classroom Model in the 2000s, to recent studies of training on the model (with Tânia Boavida) and family quality of life (with Pau García) . Our commitment to research continues, with special attention to methods of model adoption, issues of treatment fidelity, and measures of meaningful outcomes. Much of the research today is carried out by RAM Group members who are or were students.

Our most recent research has been on the topics of
  • Item analysis of the RBI Implementation Checklist
  • Family quality of life in early intervention families in Spain
  • Psychometric properties of the Family Quality of Life (FaQoL) scale and the FINESSE II
  • Development, reliability, and validity of the Morales Murillo McWilliam (3M) Scale of Preschool Functioning
  • Efficacy of RBI training
  • Randomized control trial of the Routines-Based Early Intervention model

The members of the RAM Group who principally conduct research are


Robin McWilliam

Cecília Aguiar

Natasha Baqués

Tânia Boavida

Rosa Fernández

Pau García

Ai-Wen Hwang

Catalina Morales


Other members have also conducted research or participated in data-based evaluations. To be a member of the RAM Group, a professional has to have a data-based orientation.

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